The professional, cost effective representation you want for business, corporate and securities law matters and resolving business or investment disputes.

At Guardi LLP, we’re all business.


Smart, pragmatic, diligent.


You want professional, cost-effective, and practical legal representation. We take a no-nonsense approach to providing it to you. With four decades of institutional knowledge in your kind of business or legal situation, we know what buttons to push to get answers and the results you want.


Our core expertise is anything to do with organizing, financing and operating your business and resolving your business or investment dispute. We provide legal solutions for publicly or privately owned growth companies, investors, securities broker-dealers, private equity firms, investment advisers and their clients, start-ups and mature businesses and, now, crowdfunding portals, issuers and investors.


Guardi LLP practices securities law and all major areas of corporate and business law, providing professional representation and advice on the full range of issues and transactions that arise in the organization, financing and operation of a publicly or privately owned growth company. We handle financing, investment, or business transactions with specialization in regulatory compliance, private equity and corporate governance, plus business sales, acquisitions and mergers, and transactional work of all kinds. 


Guardi LLP has extensive experience in high stakes, high profile securities mass actions and business fraud litigation. For twenty-five years we have resolved all sorts of investment and business related disputes through litigation, arbitration and mediation. Rather than currying favor with the establishment, we built our reputation taking it on.

Hire Guardi LLP if you would like to work with an energized, resourceful, independent specialist in a cost-effective environment that maximizes the benefits of information technology. We offer fee planning to help minimize your cash investment for obtaining proper representation instead of outrageous hourly rates that have to cover all the waste in more traditional practices: fancy offices, overstaffing, on-the-job training, firm “retreats,” and other frills. You get the benefit of decades of legal experience and know-how for the cost of a rookie lawyer with no expertise. And nothing distracts us from our mission.


Guardi LLP is beholden to no one except you - our client. Our independence means the focus is always on what works best for you. Like we said, at Guardi LLP "we’re all business — your business"®.

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