"I can't say enough good words about how our case was handled." 

“Noel came to us from the grace of God. Without him and his expert skills we would still be looking for answers. From the start he explained the case, costs, and a time line. The case was very complex to say the least, and was handled by Noel like I never thought was possible. He was always ready and willing to go out of his way to help. We live in a very rural area, and don't do driving in the city well, Noel drove 150 plus miles to meet us. With Noel's vast knowledge we were able to recover a large portion of our loss. The SEC recovered some too but not much. Noel went after the guilty parties involved and made them pay.


I can't say enough good words about how our case was handled, and about Noel. It was an experience I don't ever want to repeat but if I have to I will call Noel Guardi first thing. My wife and I are proud to call him our attorney and our friend.”


Bob and Kathy Hartman, Seimi-retired, Grainfield, Kansas

"Succeeded Where the SEC Failed" - Josh and Beth Rosen, Ft. Collins, Colorado

"It was extremely distressing to receive a letter from the SEC stating that my financial advisor was being investigated for perpetuating a Ponzi scheme, and even more disheartening to feel I had no recourse or hope of recovery. The SEC didn't find any money to recover to compensate the victims. I am so incredibly thankful that I took the risk of joining other victims in filing a joint lawsuit not only against our advisor, but against all those that helped facilitate the scheme - including a local trusted bank.


Mr. Guardi filed the lawsuit, then successfully defended multiple motions to have the case dismissed and forced into arbitration. He successfully cleared every hurdle the defense attorneys threw our way. He walked us through intimidating depositions and got the case all the way to trial. On the eve before the trial began, we received a settlement offer from the local bank. He successfully negotiated a satisfactory settlement with unanimous support from the entire group of plaintiffs. Mr. Guardi honestly seemed to eat, sleep and breathe our case. He spent countless hours reviewing documents, preparing briefs, and preparing us for the trial ahead.


After feeling so betrayed and helpless, I can't explain how wonderful it felt to have a tireless advocate on my side. Not only did I experience some financial recovery, the whole experience helped me emotionally recover from the shame and embarrassment I felt at being conned. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Guardi to any potential clients. He is fierce, determined, resourceful, diligent and extremely good at what he does. In the future, I would absolutely turn to him for guidance before ever investing with another "financial advisor". He knows his stuff!!"

“Mr. Guardi has been a pleasure for this firm to work with. He is an extremely personable individual, and has grown to be a good friend as well. We did not know Mr. Guardi before retaining him on a personal level, and so our friendship began due to our satisfaction with his handling of our business dealings. He has shown a sincere interest in our company, and we feel his talents have benefited us. We would highly recommend Mr. Guardi to any business discriminating enough to select only the best securities and corporate counsel.” Don Ranniger, President of a publicly owned company, Lakewood, Colorado


“We hired Noel Guardi to perform legal services in connection with our successfully completed public offering. Mr. Guardi also represented the underwriter in the offering. Mr. Guardi outlined the game plan and the procedures for the filings in each state before beginning. He then promptly prepared all the necessary documents and followed up with all the states. Noel came up with a game plan to answer all the objections raised from Oregon. He then persuaded the state to allow the offering. The fee charged by Mr. Guardi was fair and the billing was accurate and detailed. I would recommend Noel Guardi for anyone who needs legal representation.” 

Chairman of a publicly owned company, Colorado


 “It was my pleasure to work with Noel Guardi on the preparation of the offering memorandum for [our company]. It was a task that could have taken countless hours-but it didn’t!  From the beginning, Noel laid out a time schedule, the game plan detailing information that would be needed, and how it would be incorporated. He met his deadlines and assembled a specific and positive offering memorandum. It was indeed a refreshing experience to deal with Noel on the project.” President of a privately owned company, Colorado

“I endorse this lawyer. We represented a group of plaintiffs that had been taken advantage of by several unscrupulous promoters. Noel doggedly pursued them and was responsible for collecting significant damages for our clients.” Terence Boyle, Attorney, Boyle/Appelman, Denver, Colorado

“I believe Mr. Guardi is a very conscientious and capable lawyer with a strong understanding of the federal securities laws. In my experience, Mr. Guardi has regularly demonstrated an ability to deal with difficult federal regulatory issues in a sensible, practical way. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Guardi to one of my clients who needed assistance in Colorado on a federal securities law matter.”


Martin E. Lybecker, Partner, Perkins Coie, colleague, law professor and former Chairman of the ABA Section on Business Law, Washington, D.C.

"Victory" - Zig and Diane Gadziala, Highlands Ranch, Colorado


“Noel Guardi represented my husband and I, along with multiple other plaintiffs, on a case where money we had invested vanished with no promise of recovery. Processing the case was lengthy and often times showed little promise, but Noel persevered with determination to see that justice prevailed for those who were wronged. He worked with the SEC and Colorado Attorney General to see this case through to the end, his dedication and commitment never failing. Noel’s experience, education and devotion to ensuring a good outcome for his clients ended with a victory for him, his firm, and those he represented. I would recommend Noel Guardi, without hesitation, to anyone needing legal counsel.”

"When I was scammed a few years ago by a couple of very convincing con men , who were recommended to me by a colleague, I was devastated. When I contacted the SEC, I was told it would be highly doubtful that I would every see any of my lost funds. When I was told I wasn't alone, I was given the name of a very capable lawyer, Noel Guardi. He was very reassuring and encouraging. Even though the case settlement took years, Noel worked tirelessly for our group of plaintiffs. He overcame all the obstacles that were thrown our way.

He proved that in our case the ponzi scheme was supported by a bank. He helped with discovery arguments, coached us through depositions and kept a positive attitude throughout. We were finally rewarded with a settlement. I would highly recommend Noel Guardi if you ever find yourself in a similar situation."  Name withheld on request


“Dear Mr. Guardi, Thank you for your advice and help in getting me a refund on an inappropriate investment that was sold to me. Without your help in whom to contact and what to do, I would not have received the refund. Again, thank you very much.” Elderly investor

"Excellent Job"

"Our case was incredibly complex and Mr Guardi did a great job managing all the details, preparing us for deposition and trial, and keeping us informed of the progress of our case."

– Dr. Caroljean Bongo, Psychologist, Cheyenne, Wyoming


"I thought we would never recover."



"Noel did an excellent job with a very complex and tough case. At the start of the case I thought we would never recover anywhere close to our total loss. Trujillo and his team had no money and there were so many twists and turns in the case, chances of success seemed next to zero. But Noel carefully, wisely, and aggressively worked to get past the legal tie ups, and he found where we could get restitution for the losses we suffered. Noel overcame challenge after challenge and gave us wise counsel to maximize our return. Hey, he did better than the SEC on our case. I also liked that he kept us informed on the legal proceeding in simple English and prepared us if we needed to go to trial. Noel did an excellent job."


Mark, Certified financial planner, Centennial, Colorado

Noel, your knowledge and utilization of all means available to the plaintiffs in [the KidZtime litigation] was the sole factor that produced the judgments you obtained for us. Your attention to all details of the case(s) allowed you to obtain monetary recovery which might not have been available to lesser SEC and investment fraud litigators. You collected all the blood which could have been collected from the defendants. I thank you for undertaking this complex litigation and making it a success. - Donald J. Meyer, Attorney, Santa Fe, New Mexico 

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