We cannot say this enough… It will be an honor and a privilege to work for you. Our comimttment to fairness in fees helps us fullfil our mission: providing you with professioal, cost-effective representation and accurate advice at rates that compare favorably to other lawyers for the same work.
Disbursements and Costs
Guardi LLP does not charge you for travel time or mileage to and from meetings with you, computerized research or in house copying or scanning. We charge only for disbursements, costs that we advance out of pocket to third parties on your behalf. In some instances, costs may be requested in advance and not advanced by us.

Fees for professional services based on time expended


Our prevailing hourly rates compare favorably with the rates reported in both a recent Colorado Bar Association survey and a recent SEC estimate. The median hourly rate in Colorado for a corporate lawyer is $270, with one out of twenty lawyers charging more than $400 per hour. The same report shows that the median billing rate for attorneys having less than five years of experience was $175, with 5% billed at more than $270. According to the SEC, outside legal services used in connection with public company compliance requirements typically cost $400 per hour.


Guardi LLP rewards your patronage and timeliness with reduced hourly rates based on the time expended on your behalf. We use breakpoints of 20 and 200 hours.


Examples of matters that are typically billed on an hourly basis are registration statements, private equity offerings, crowdfunding filings and some dispute resolution. Hourly matters may be subject to a cap or maximum fee.


Ask for our rate chart and a sample agreement with the estimated cost for completing your business matter.


Fees for transactional work based on the size of the transaction


If it makes sense to bill certain work on a small percentage basis based on the amount involved in the transaction, subject to a cap or maximum fee per our rate chart, then that is what we will do for you. This includes many fund raises and matters requiring a formal opinion.


Fee plans for publicly-owned companies and crowdfunding issuers.


Guardi LLP can provide bundled services to minimize your company's costs for certain securities and corporate matters, such as compliance with the periodic reporting and beneficial ownership reporting requirements of the federal securities laws and the United States Securities Exchange Commission, and many other matters as may be needed during the year. We will list your requirements, estimate the time it will take and make a firm offer at a fixed fee.


If it is appropriate, we propose to reduce the cash portion of fees and accept compensation in the form of securiities. The proceeds from the sale of the securities are applied from trust to any balance due. If the proceeds exceed the fixed fee the proceeds are applied to work outside the scope of the agreement.The credit can be applied to work outside the scope of the agreement billed at a reduced hourly rate. The credit can also be carried forward towards future legal requirements.


Ask for our rate chart and sample agreement with the estimated cost of fulfilling your public company's requirements.


Contingent fees


If you desire, we will take your case under a modified contingent fee arrangement instead of an hourly fee. Our contingent fee agreements are governed by the Colorado Supreme Court, which has established the rules and forms for such agreements.


Estimated disbursements and costs - for example, filing fees -  are capped at a reasonable estimate and paid in advance. At the time the case is filed, a small fixed fee to investigate, prepare and file the claim is collected. From then on, we complete the entire case on a straight contingent fee, with the fixed fee credited against the contingent fee. Our percentage rate is lowest if a case is settled and increases increases if the case goes to trial - which requires full preparation on your behalf, or appealed - which requres the most time and attention on your behalf. 


Ask for a contingent fee agreement incorporating estimates of the costs and disbursements for your case.

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