Our Litigation Practice

Guardi LLP has extensive experience in high stakes, high profile securities mass actions and business fraud litigation. We have received extensive recognition for fighting zealously to hold corporations, investment advisers, and stockbrokers financially accountable to investors. Rather than currying favor with the establishment, we built our reputation taking it on.


For twenty-five years we have resolved investment and business related disputes through litigation, arbitration and mediation. We have appeared in federal and state trial and appellate courts, FINRA arbitration, and commodities reparations proceedings.


An area of particular expertise is secondary liability, that is, the liability of those who enable or aid illegal conduct other than the primary wrongdoer. As a result our clients have recovered from bankers, law firms, public accounting firms and others.


Our experience representing plaintiffs carries over into pragmatic, cost-effective defense strategies. We represent public companies, investment firms, and individuals in SEC and FINRA regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings.


We have successfully collected judgments and other debts, including unpaid fees and other compensation. Even if the lawbreaker files for bankruptcy, we can successfully preserve a creditor or investor’s claims and judgments for post-bankruptcy litigation or collection.


In every dispute, we investigate the facts to determine an opponent’s vulnerability, including exactly how an opponent broke the law. We evaluate the merits of the claims, defenses, and arguments to determine which are most appropriate and the amount of damages that may be available. We then apply the resources and know-how necessary to enhance client’s position, to develop negotiating leverage, and to optimize the outcome, whether in the conference room or the courtroom.

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